Daniel Lobatón, Creative Director and comic book nerd. The handsome guy in the photo.


At Saatchi in New York leading work for Tide. Previously, I’ve captained teams at VML in Kansas City, LatinWorks in Austin, Texas and Y&R in my hometown Lima, Perú. I started as a copywriter at Y&R Paris working on a global account. So that should check every box from global to multicultural. And oui, je parle Français and Spanish.


Creating timeless and timely ideas. Work you can describe in one sentence. Finding the idea that reveals a truth from everyday life. And then we execute it in a kick ass, media smart way.


Pushing. The work, the team, the strategy, the craft and, obviously, myself. Championing the best ideas from the people I lead, and also rolling up my sleeves and typing away into the night. Collaborating to find a way, because like Yoda said in Empire Strikes Back: “Do or do not, there is no try”.


I love what I do and I like working with people who love it as much as I do. Did you just roll your eyes? I think I just rolled my eyes.


Anytime. Just shoot me a note: